I’ll Show You Mine: 2012 San Francisco 2nd Half Marathon Edition

Here’s my 2nd installment in my “I’ll Show You Mine” series.  People often ask me what I wear during races and why, so I thought this was a great way of listing what I wear, why I love it, and what keeps me fueled during specific races.


  • Sexy Newtons! Hot pink of course 😉

    I’m sure you all know by now that I don’t often go anywhere without my favorite Newton Distance U’s on my feet. So, it’s no surprise that these were my choice of shoe for this race. Super light-weight and sexy as all get out! These are a staple in my running shoe arsenal.

  • Bright pink, yes I know also very surprising 😉 , CEP running compression socks. These are my go-to compression socks, I love how they feel on my calves, like a tight comforting hug.  They increase blood flow, therefore; providing you with better circulation, which means better blood supply to your muscles! I wear these during my races, they are also a very important part of my recovery post-race too.


  • Nike Slim Fit Training shorts. These sweat-wicking shorts are pretty new to my running wardrobe, but they are my new favorites!  They have a wide waistband so they lay nice and flat (no muffintop ladies), a decent gusset, so there won’t be any ummm…front butt making an appearance, if you know what I mean ;p They are also pretty good at staying put in the back, so if you’re worried about being “cheeky” these short shorts are a good pick.


  • Lululemon Flow Y Bra IV, Garmin 110 watch, iPod shuffle

    Nike Relay Strappy Tank. This is one of the cutest and most functional tanks that I own.  It’s made of the Dri-FIT fabric which helps wick the sweat, it’s super light weight and breezy and it comes in tons of cute colors, I also love that it’s design is a little different with it’s cut-out straps.

  • Lululemon Flow Y Bra IV. I own more than one of these bras and they are prefect for this not-so-top-heavy girl.  It provides enough support for my itty bitty girls and allows me to have lots of movement and no chafing.  I highly recommend this bra for you ladies that are a size A or B cup.


  • Helium 2-Bottle Hydration Belt by Fuel Belt.  Like I’ve mentioned before, this is my comfort item.  Yes I realize fuel belts are a love it or hate it item, I happen to love mine.  I love it’s no-jiggle, no-wiggle, no-bounce design.  I also added on another pouch so I can carry my ID, my iphone (so I can snap pics for my blogs 😉 ) and plenty of nutrition.
  • Ryders Eyewear Hex Interchangeable Glasses

    Ryder’s Eyewear HEX Interchangeable lens Sunglasses. First of all a HUGE thank you to Ryder’s Eyewear for providing me with these sexy, badass, hot pink glasses!  I recently broke my running glasses (aka dropped them in a public toilet) and was in need of a new pair.  Ryder’s were kind enough to provide me with these to try out and I must say, I think I’m in love.  The glasses come with 3 interchangeable lenses, grey, rose and clear, for this race I chose the grey lenses since they are the darkest and work best in very bright conditions.  The frame is super lightweight and has anti-slip nose pads and temple tips to avoid slipping and sliding even when you’re super sweaty from running.

  • Garmin Forerunner 110 watch.  I can’t leave home without it! It keeps me in check when it comes to maintaining my pace, one of my must-have gadgets!


  • Hammer Nutrition Endurolytes Fizz (grape flavor).  Grape is one of my favorite flavors and Hammer does a great job at making these fizzy, dissolving electrolyte tablets very tasty.  I pop one in each of my fuel belt bottles and take a couple spares in my belt for later on in the race.  Also the grape flavor preps my palate for my post-race celebratory glass(es) of wine and champagne. 🙂
  • Honey Stinger Organic Energy Chews (Cherry Blossom flavor and Caffeinated Lime-Ade).  I prefer chews over gels because I like that I can do portion control.  Sometimes during a long run I have trouble “making” myself eat an entire gel pack in one go, so having the option to munch down as many or as few of these at a time as I like is ideal. I also like to mix in some caffeinated chews with the regular ones to add in a little extra kick of pep to help get my booty across that finish line!

So there you have it, I showed you MINE, now show me YOURS! What’s your go-to shoe? Do you run with a fuel belt, hand-held bottle or nothing at all?  Do you go commando for that extra light-weight, easy-breezy feeling? 🙂  Let me know in the comments below or shoot me an email, a tweet or a comment!

xoxo, MLL

19 thoughts on “I’ll Show You Mine: 2012 San Francisco 2nd Half Marathon Edition

      1. I was always an asics girl, but because I wasn’t training for a 26.2 this summer, I decided to focus on my stride. I got my first pair of newtons in April, and went to the Newton running form clinic, after 4 months of running in them one day it just clicked and now my stride is a forefoot natural stride! I LOVE NEWTONS!!


      2. That’s so awesome, I’m glad you found your stride, CONGRATS! That’s such a monumental moment for a runner! I love Newts too, I was the girl in the blue top on their homepage for the first half of this year 🙂 I currently have 4 pairs in rotation and love them ALL!


      3. I have the gravity, 2 pairs of the distance U’s and the momentums (trail). I do a lot of my training in the gravity’s since they are a little more “durable”. I usually do my long runs in the distance U’s and I always do my half marathons and marathons in the distance U’s as well. They are just lighter and faster. I use the momentums and sometimes the gravity’s for trails/hiking and I’ll use the momentums in really heavy rain too, they keep my feet a little drier.


  1. You asked so here you go! Currently, I’m running in Mizunos which I LOVE but am hoping for some Newtons for Christmas so that I can “learn” how to run in them for an April half. I’ve been contemplating compression socks. Do they make your legs itch? I’m running in Swiftwicks that feel like they give my foot a little hug!
    I just found a Skirt Sports tank that I’m enjoying because it has a zipper pocket on the back and a flat pocket on the inside b/n the boobies! Granted, I can’t put anything big in it b/c it would look like I have a 3rd boob but it’s nice for a key. Did I mention I loves me some pockets!
    Let’s see… I run in random Nike shorts (with pockets of course!). The worst part of my wardrobe is my bra. I have about eight 100% cotton exercise bra things that I got at Target a million years ago and I’ve never invested in an actual running bra. Like you, I’m small so as long as they don’t move or chaffe, I’m pretty happy. Although, I would like something that wicks away sweat…
    I started using the Honey Stingers in pink lemonade while training for my latest race and may I just say, “YUMMO”! I also started using an Amphipod (fuel belt?). It just carries one large bottle for water and has a zipper compartment for my Honey Stingers. I don’t love running with a belt and only use it for long runs. I won’t use it on race day. I like your idea of the caffeinated chews too to supplement. I may try that when I train next time.
    Rather than running in sunglasses I use the Headsweats Supervisor. I’ve only used it once and hope the band on it stretches a bit b/c it gave me a headache when I had it pulled low as I prefer. I ended up pushing it up higher on my head when I was in the shade which alleviated the pain. I do love the look of the Ryders though. I prefer visors b/c it drives me crazy when I’m wearing sunglasses and the light changes to where I don’t need them. It’s not like I can run with them on my head or hold them. I like that Ryders offers the 3 different lenses and if I see them at an expo or store, I’ll definitely try them on!
    I’m still working on the perfect training and racing ensemble so thanks for the information! Sorry for the long reply. 🙂


    1. Awesome, thanks for the reply Melanie! Sounds like you have most of your gear in check! I really hope Santa drops off a pair of newtons for you at Xmas because they are great shoes and yes, the do require a transition period but I think you’ll be good to go for your April half. My CEP compression socks don’t make me itch. I’ve heard people complain about this with other brands but these are great. I will say a great running bra is essential, you want to protect your girls and keep em perky for as long as you can 🙂 invest in a good bra, the lulu one I use is sweat wicking! You should go give one a try, I think you’ll like it! Happy running and let me know if you get your newts!!!


  2. Hey, guess what. I got some Swiftwick compression socks and love them so far! (I’m a huge fan of Swiftwick!) I broke down and got a real running bra (although it was from Target) and I’m liking that as well. Also, I had a great half marathon last weekend. However, I think I goofed by agreeing to do another half the 2nd week of November. I’m completely wiped still from last weekend and my 6 today was extremely rough. It was especially fun when I realized that my water bottle had died in the dishwasher and I had nothing to take with me to keep me hydrated. Makes for an interesting time here in the South when the humidity is 95%. Needless to say, I just bought a replacement 20 oz and a 10.5 oz handheld online. Can’t wait to get some Newts!


    1. Woo HOO! So glad you got yourself a REAL running bra, it’s so important to protect the girls! 🙂 I’ve never tried Swiftwick socks, I’ll have to look them up. Maybe you can post me a pic of them on my fb page? And YAY! Congrats on your half! I think you’ve given yourself enough time to recover and get back out there in November. I’m a big fan of keeping a nice, tight, structured, AMBITIOUS schedule so I applaud your style. Let me know how it goes.


  3. I run in the Newton Distance U as well! I just use them for racing and track sessions: I also have pairs of Terra Momentus and Motion for training. I want to try some MV2 for the track. Otherwise, I wear 2XU compression tights usually during the winter. I use GU gels when I need them for long run training. For racing, I have a bank of options for shorts depending on the distance and context of the race and the temperature. For long races I tend to wear a pair of 2XU shorts, but for track and short races I generally prefer short, tights shorts.


  4. Love your blog! I have been thinking about getting my first pair of Newtons for some time, but I have been a pretty committed Brooks’ runner and have found their shoes work well for me, although I clearly still heel strike judging from the wear pattern. Not sure what you wore before you went to Newtons, but wonder if you could talk a bit about the transition and whether you continued to run in your old shoes or went completely Newton. I have about four pairs of Brooks in my rotation and I hate to just dump them. Any advice would be welcome!


    1. Hi Steve, first off, thank you for checking out my blog! 🙂 When I bought my first pair of Newtons I was wearing in very clunky Nike Vomero’s. My first bit of advice regarding making the transition into forefoot/midfoot running in Newtons is to be very patient, it’ll be worth it. During the first few weeks, I continued to run in my Nikes, working on my running form and would rotate in my Newtons for VERY short runs. If you do too much, too fast in the Newtons you will quickly regret it. Over the weeks, I phased out my Nikes and was a happy camper in my Newtons. Keep in mind, it took me a while before I was putting on big mileage in them. Now, I’m a little spoiled and have a mini arsenal of Newtons to choose from, I run mainly in the Distance, but will rotate in my Gravity’s too. For tips on transitioning and running form Newton puts out a new “Running Form Friday” video on youtube which can be very helpful. I hope this helped out.


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