Sprain Sprain Go Away

So as you may know, my journey to the San Francisco half marathon has come to a screeching halt. Whoa, EEEECHH, Emergency brake pulled, parachute opened, the director has called “cut”!  Okay, okay, perhaps I’m being a little on the dramatic side, so here’s what’s actually going down. Four days ago I decided to go … More Sprain Sprain Go Away

Hanging Up My Heels

As much as it pains me (emotionally, not literally) it’s that time again…yes, it’s time to put away all my pretty, sexy high heels and stilettos and pull out all my flats (aka boring shoes). As you girls know, frequent wearing of those leg-elongating, slimming, flirty shoes have some negative long-term effects on our bodies. … More Hanging Up My Heels