The Girl With The Pink Bicycle Tattoo

Me in my swim to bike transition. T1 at its finest form!

After a 15-year hiatus of no helmet hair and pain-free girl parts I’ve decided it’s time to get back on the saddle and ride again.  I’ve been tossing around the idea of buying a bike for more than 6 months and ever since I started running I’ve had a vision of one day doing a triathlon and well, we all know, there’s no way of doing that without a bike.

I started looking at bikes in the fall of last year, did plenty of research and had some great advice from friends in the running/cycling community.   I narrowed my choices down to the Trek Madone 3.1 WSD and the Specialized Ruby Apex Compact, this of course was assuming that a WSD (Women’s Specific Design) would suit me best, which isn’t always the case.  For those who don’t know, WSD bikes have everything from the geometry of the frame, the seat, the bars, etc…tailored to a women’s body to achieve optimal performance and comfort.  Being a complete newbie to the cycling game, aside from my intense days of cruising around with my friend Leah in the early 80’s on our “pink harleys”, I really didn’t know what I would need.  However; I knew that I definitely wanted full carbon, and obviously I wanted to look BADASS!

And here I am in T2, smoothest bike to run transition I've ever had!

I went into a bike shop (which shall remain nameless) and had a chance to hop on a Trek Madone WSD as well as a men’s Madone. Based on my measurements and the feel of the bikes it was pretty clear that a WSD was a better fit for me.  The Madone WSD felt okay, but it didn’t feel perfect.  That, combined with the horrible customer service was enough for me to walk.  My mission to find a Ruby was in full swing, only one problem…there were none to be found in my size anywhere!

Fast forward 5  months.

I visited The Bike Gallery in the early stages of my bike search and was told by them to come back early in the new year for the 2012 Specialized Ruby’s, so that I did. I went into the shop in February and they had a brand new, freshly built up Ruby Apex Compact for me to try.  Stephen (the shop’s owner) was incredibly helpful and very patient with all my silly newbie questions, including “are you sure I won’t tip over?” numerous times. My favorite part of the visit was when Stephen very tactfully suggested that I get a wider saddle…now of course he didn’t say it like that, folks we’re dealing with a pro who’s been selling bikes to women for years, he knows better! I believe his words were something like “you might be more comfortable on a “different saddle”, but what he really meant was “your butt is too big for that tiny seat”. 🙂 We both had a pretty good laugh and I reassured  him I wasn’t pissed off at him.

Do you see a trend in my bike color choices? 😉

Within a couple of hours I had made my decision; this was the bike for me, just one question “does it come in pink?”.  “No seriously though, can you order it for me in pink?” I sheepishly asked.  🙂 No problem, done and done!  Within a week and a half I had my brand new, fierce looking pink and black bike!  Stephen also set me up with all the gear I needed to get started and a Specialized Propero helmet, wicked Specialized Torch shoes and super sexy (not really) Sugoi shorts. Pictures to follow, I promise 🙂

Fast forward 2 weeks.

I have yet to get on my bike! Winter-like Vancouver weather prevented me from riding the first few days and travel has prevented me up until now.  I’m looking forward to hopping on that saddle upon my return from LA and putting some mileage on those tires!  I’ll keep you guys posted with my riding adventures, hopefully my first post will be “YAY My Girl Parts Hurt From Cycling And I Don’t Even Care” and not “I Tipped My Bike Over Because I Didn’t Clip Out Soon Enough”.  Until then, happy riding all!

xoxo, MLL

Disclaimer: I do not actually have a pink bike tattoo…or any tattoos that I know of. 🙂

7 thoughts on “The Girl With The Pink Bicycle Tattoo

    1. Thanks! I’m super eager to get out on the road! I’ll be back in SoCal later this month and will hopefully be bringing my bike. There’s so many beautiful places to ride down here, it’d be a shame not to!


    1. So far, so good. I haven’t spent a lot of time on it yet, been more focused on running. But it rides great. SRAM Apex components, I love the double-tap shifting, so smooth. What do you ride?


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