Pearl Izumi Project E:Motion Running Shoe Giveaway

My Project E:Motion Trail N1's in action!
My Project E:Motion Trail N1’s in action!

Thanks to the awesome people over at Pearl Izumi HQ, I’ve had the opportunity to test out their new Project E:Motion Trail N1 shoes.  The Project E:Motion line has a new, redesigned midsole, allowing for more a more fluid landing, into a smooth toe off maximizing your efficiency.  I, being a natural form runner, fell in love with these shoes instantly.  The redesigned midsole delivers a light, nimble, smooth running experience, it essentially forces you into being more efficient, and I mean, who can argue with that.  They also have a seamless upper, which is every runners dream, and I’ll be honest, these are some of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever put on my feet, think badass, lightweight, efficient, trail/road conquering slippers. 😉

So let’s get down to my giveaway!

Here’s what I’m giving one of my lucky readers, that’s YOU GUYS!  A pair of super awesome Pearl Izumi Project E:Motion running shoes, Pearl Izumi running shorts and sun sleeves and a Project E:Motion t-shirt!  That’s some pretty great swag, am I right?

Here’s what you need to do to win.  Pearl Izumi has put together a series of playful videos titled “Can you handle the downside of a more efficient run?”.  At the end of this blog I’ll be posting my favorite one from the series, I’ll also post it on my facebook page, so you can share it directly from there.  In order to be entered into my draw you will need to repost that specific video on either Facebook or Twitter, making sure to tag both myself and Pearl Izumi, you’ll also need to include the phrase “I want MLL’s shoes” in your post. If you’re tagging on twitter the handles are: @milelong_legs and @pearlizumi and if you’re tagging on facebook the page names are: Mile Long Legs and Pearl Izumi/Running.  Tagging me correctly is critical, otherwise I won’t see that you posted it and I won’t know to put you into my draw.  The contest will be closed Monday, June 10, 2013 at midnight!  One entry per person, per social media platform.

Good luck running babes!

Here’s the video you’ll need to re-post: 

xoxo, MLL

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