REVIEW: Newton Energy NR

7802_10151451400972639_19841637_nProduct: Newton Running Energy NR

Cost: $119.00 USD

I’m no stranger to Newton Running shoes, in fact I’ve been running in these bright little beauties for a number of years now, and have more Newtons in my shoe closet than I do high heels.  When they announced that they were releasing the Energy NR’s, I was stoked to get my feet in them and put them to the test!

photo 3 (2)So let’s get down to the specs.  The Energy NR’s are marketed as a “guidance trainer” and are aimed toward people who are transitioning from a traditional running to Newtons, and also for existing Newton runners who are looking to get that light, responsive ride that we love.  The shoes weighs in at a light 7.0 oz, which is slightly heavier than my trusty Distance shoes, which come in at 6.8 oz and the heel-to-toe drop is 6mm.  The upper is made of breathable, open air mesh, the outersole is a combo of high-density rubber with a carbon rubber heel and the midsole has the signature Newton Action/Reaction technology and high-rebound EVA.

photo 2 (6)My thoughts on this new kid on the block?  Right off the bat, I love that these shoes have a less intimidating 5-Lug system compared to the more traditional Newtons which boast a prominent 4-Lug system that for newcomers to the Newton family could view as being very intimidating.  The 5-lug system extends all the way across the width of my foot, giving me a more secure feeling, compared to the 4-lug system.  The flatter, 5-lug system also makes them a much more comfortable shoe for walking around in.  I also really love how soft and comfortable these shoes feel, they’re like wearing pillows on your feet!  photo 2 (7)When I first put them on I was instantly comfortable, these shoes are by far the cushiest/softest shoes I own.  Even though they are such a soft shoe, they are designed to give you a nice responsive pop when you strike the ground in the mid-foot/forefoot area.  In my mind, this is a perfect combo of a soft shoe to carry you through long distances and a responsive shoe to help you out on your speed work.  Another big plus for me is the upper, it’s nice and breathable allowing tons of air circulation, it’s soft enough to wear sockless and has enough give to accommodate my wide forefoot and sexy bunion.  photo (27)Meow!  All around a solid shoe!

As much as I love this shoe I did have an issue with it, an issue which I know others who have tried the Energy NR also had, which was heel slippage!  No matter what I tried in the way of lacing technique, and using all of the eyelets, I couldn’t seem to lock my heel in the shoe.  The issue bothers me most when I’m walking and not so much when I’m running, but either way, it’s a problem.  I found that pulling the insoles out, which also decreases your heel-to-toe drop, made a HUGE difference.  No more heel slippage! YAY!

photo 1 (5)Overall I’m a big fan of this shoe, so much so, that it’s been my go-to road shoe over the past couple of months, I’ve been able to increase my road speed in them and I also PR’d my half-marathon distance in them.  I think they are a fantastic shoe for both existing Newton runners and those who are already mid-foot/forefoot runners wishing to transition into Newtons without the big price tag of other Newts.  I can easily say that these will be my shoe of choice for my next road race, even beating out my Distance’s that I’ve been going steady with for years! 😉

Have you guys tried out Newtons yet?  If so, what’s your favorite model?  If not, what are you currently running in?

xoxo, MLL


  • comfort, love that soft ride
  • breathability
  • cost, a great shoe for a great price


  • slippy heel cup!

QUALITY: 4.5/5
PRICE: 4/5

TOTAL: 16.5/20

xoxo, MLL

Energy NR shoes provided by Newton Running for review.

7 thoughts on “REVIEW: Newton Energy NR

  1. Good to know that we could use these pair of shoes to walk around. I’m a big Newton’s fan too! Great shoes! My favorite pair is the Distance U ❤ !


  2. I love my Gravitys! I wore a well-loved pair in my last marathon after realizing I couldn’t wear my Ascics that I used to wear, since the Newtons changed how I run. I now switch between two pairs of Gravitys and the Distance (but the distance I’ve only worn as far as 18 miles…not sure about further). I LOVE Newtons and am glad I gave them a shot!


  3. Found it! Your review that is! The slippy heal is a bit worrisome! I don’t need a cute walking around shoe, I need a good shoe to alternate with my Distance U’s , which have been my favorite for the last several years! I just finished my second marathon in 20 days yesterday and boy did my feet hurt in the last few miles! That may be normal, haha! But, I was thinking maybe a cushier ride would do the trick? Do you think that they are a good marathon shoe? My winter training will consist mostly of strength and speed to run a fast half in April! Which seems like such a short race to train for after two fulls!! Ha!! 🙂


    1. Hey Nancy, sorry for the late reply, I’ve been travelling and without internet!!! I really like alternating the Energy NR’s w/ my Distance U’s, they are a nice cushioned shoe for long, slow, slogs. I’ll likely run my next race in them too. If you’re having foot soreness, you may want to incorporate something a little more cushy than the Distance.


      1. No problem!! You’ve been a little busy! Many congrats on your recent engagement! Very exciting! Foot soreness starts when I’m up there in mileage…15 and on up! I’ll give them a try! I love my Newtons!! Thank you!!


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