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I invite you into my little  blog world, relax, kick up your feet, grab a glass of wine and stay a while.

Contact me by email me here:  milelonglegs@milelonglegs.com

You can also find me all over social media, so come say hi!

Twitter:  @milelong_legs

Facebook: Mile Long Legs

Instagram: @kimberleydt


xoxo MLL


18 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I found you through a marathon hashtag.. I was looking for someone to follow that loves posting a lot of running stuff and still have time to look pretty lol ( yea I’m a little shallow in that way haa). And I found your gorgeous self! A plus is you’re dating that funny guy I love to watch in YouTube! What a small social media world lol.. We’ll anyhow, keep up the blogging and posting! Consider me a fan 🙂


  2. Hi, I came accross your site from Womens running world. I have just finished an 8 week programme and currently running nearly 5k. I was looking for a blog that will help keep me going with some inspiration. I am joining a running club next week they are currently running 6k in 30mins. I am going to go on my first 5K run this weekend! Your posts are interesting and helpful to new runners like myself! 🙂 I am following you on twitter also im @bradshawsandra


    1. Hey Carmyy! Thanks for the message! It’s a weird chain of events that originally got me started fitness modelling, including being “discovered” by a major brand on Instagram. 🙂 I’m now with an athletic agent who finds me jobs like MEC. Such a wonderful company to work for, the shoots are always so much fun!


      1. Cool! If you don’t mind me asking, what brand discovered you first? Do you have any plans for the future after modelling? 🙂


      2. Oh! Sorry! I thought you did modelling as full time! Your regular full time must be amazing though for you to have time for shoots!


  3. Hi Kim! 🙂
    I’m Kambiz originally from Iran and for my master education, I’m in Istanbul since last 2 and half years. I was watching your ultra marathon movie on YouTube, the Oregon Coast 50 K, I really liked it, it was super nice.. The moment you finished, i started to cry! I really appreciate your efforts you had done for that ultra run cuz I’m going to participate to an Ultra run on 24th Oct here in Turkey.
    While i was watching your movie, i felt myself in to the action for my own ultra run.
    Thanks for sharing this great movie from your pure emotional feelings during your ultra run and I’m so honored to follow you! :))
    Hope to #Run together! Cheers

    Here is the link of my Ultra Run in Cappadocia in Turkey


  4. My runner boyfriend has introduced me to this wonderful world of running and also to you and your husband I must say I have watched all his videos and love to follow your progress!! You two are a true inspiration to keep pushing harder and I now wanna try a trail run!! This year will be my first attempt at a half marathon which is in 6 or so weeks!!
    Hopefully next year going to travel to the US and attempt a trail run

    Keep up all your hard work
    From two huge fans in Ireland

    April ❤️❤️🏅


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