Lusting After: Lululemon Run:Swiftly Tech LS


This is my first contribution to my “Lusting After” section of my blog, over time this is where you’ll find my most recent running related “wants” be it garments, equipment, electronics or miscellaneous items. What better way to kick it off than with a really great Lululemon Tech shirt!

Item: Lululemon Run:Swiftly Tech LS Shirt

Size: 4

Color: Sprinkler/Dark Classic Sport Grey

What makes this lust worthy? It’s no secret, I’m a huge fan of all things Lululemon. Once I really got into running it became very clear to me that having the right clothing to run in was just as important as having the right shoes to run in.  If you aren’t confident and comfortable in what you’re wearing, odds are you aren’t going to be a very happy camper on your run.  Now back to the Swiftly Tech LS shirt; things I love about it: the texture of the material, the thumb holes and the overall esthetic appeal.  I’ve had my eye on this particular shirt for quite some time now, and I think the only reason why I haven’t purchased it comes down to a matter of want vs. need. Yes I want this like nobody’s business, however my running wardrobe isn’t particularly lacking in the long sleeve department.

Odds of me getting this item? Pretty damn good. Keep your eyes peeled, you just might see me sporting this top during the Vancouver BMO Half Marathon in May!

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