Shakin’ In My Newtons

Can these carry me for 26.2 miles?

Extremely frightened and incredibly excited don’t even begin to describe how I’m feeling right now.  Last night as I swirled some pinot noir around in my oversized wine glass I really got thinking about signing up for the Portland Marathon…so I did just that!

As you may or may not know, I’ve only been running since April 2010. My initial goal was to complete a half marathon by the time I turned 30 (Dec 2010), and I did in fact meet that goal, I actually surprised myself and surpassed it by completing two half marathons (The Disneyland half (bliss) and The Malibu half (nightmare)) and I also participated in a 100 km relay.  In my over-ambitious mind, that doesn’t always take into account my already-ridiculous schedule, the natural next step was to start considering doing

a full marathon.  I’ve been toying with the idea for a few months now and I keep going back and forth on it.  Part of me really believes that I can do this, after all, you CAN do anything that you really put your mind to…right? Come on guys, reassure me!!! While the other part of me thinks I’m completely insane for doing this.  26.2 miles…are you kidding me?!? Either way I’m registered, committed and ready to start my journey to becoming a marathon runner.  I’m completely stoked and scared out of my mind at the same time, but now, all I can do now is smile, and embrace running to the fullest and sweat…a lot!

Wish me luck and stay tuned to follow me on my journey over the next 7 months. If you have any tips on being prepared for your first marathon I’d love to hear them, any advice is welcome advice!

xoxo, MLL

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