It’s No Secret Victoria: Sexy Little Things Aren’t Made For Running

It's no secret...

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE me some Victoria’s Secret. In fact, probably 90% of all my lingerie was purchased there, but there’s one occasion where VS isn’t really that functional or suitable…exercising!!!

I’m sure almost every girl that appreciates pretty lingerie and participates in the world of running has experienced it one time or another. You get all geared up, put in your head phones and out the door you go. Ready to take on the world and conquer some mileage until…dun dun DUN,  you realize that you aren’t wearing the appropriate undergarments, things get uncomfortable, your lacy underthingys are rubbing in all the wrong places and what you once viewed as pretty decorative detailing is now a pain in your ass…literally, or in my case today, the things painfully digging into your hip bones.  I’m not one to be unprepared, I’m actually the complete opposite, but there are days when I’m getting dressed at 6am before work and I’m sleepily packing my running bag and I forget to put “running appropriate” panties in my bag.  Now, this isn’t a problem when it’s shorts weather and I get to wear my nifty little lined Lulu’s, but tis the season for long tights.

So, the moral of the story is: be prepared, double check your running bag and make sure you’re going to be 100% comfortable when you’re running. There’s nothing more distracting when running than burlesque-worthy panties getting so well acquainted with you that they should have been polite and at least bought you a drink before hand.  If anyone has good recommendations for comfy running panties I’d love to hear your suggestions.  In the meantime, I’ll go nurse my bilateral mini bruises on my hips…

xoxo, MLL

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