REVIEW: Injinji Performance Toesocks & GIVEAWAY!!!

I’m very selective when it comes to what I put my toes in, especially when it comes to running.  I’m prone to getting blisters, after 2 years of running, numerous kinds of socks, different shoes, etc…, I STILL cannot nail down why I get them sporadically.  I also have a bunion on my right foot (sexy, I know), which causes all sorts of problems with toe alignment. And lastly, I like a cute looking sock, fine, I know it’s not THAT important, but let’s be honest, a little style and splash of color never hurt anybody!

A few key features of the Injinji’s: they have a patented 5 toe seamless design which helps with proper toe alignment and protects from blisters and hotspots (just typing that word makes me cringe).  The fabric is composed of CoolMax (75% for the lightweight version, 50% for the midweight), which plays a major role in moisture control and comfort, nobody likes a soggy, sweaty foot!  The socks are built using AIS Technology which helps keep them in place, avoiding the dreaded ankle slipping, and bunching.

I’ll admit, when I received my Injinji socks I was a little skeptical, nervous, and excited to try them out.  I got 3 pairs of the Injinji Performance line; the No Show Midweight with padded interface in Green Tea, the Mini-Crew Midweight with padded interface in Poppy Pink and the No Show Lightweight in Gulf Blue.  Over the past few months I’ve had the opportunity to really put these socks through the ringer.  I trained in all 3 pairs; however, for me personally, I prefer the lightweight version for running over the midweight.  I tend to choose ultra-thin-barely-there socks when it comes to running and these babies fit the bill perfectly.  I did the majority of my long-run training for the Portland Marathon in the lightweight no-show’s, and ended up running the marathon in them. This is one of the few races that I’ve taken my shoes off at the end of 26.2 miles and had NO BLISTERS!!! YAY!  Another bonus of running in toesocks is that your toes and forefoot are free to fully splay when you are midfoot/forefoot striking, you’re not restricted by the usual confines of a regular sock. Where I really appreciated the padded interfaced midweight socks was during some gnarly hikes in the mountains of Yosemite.  I also find myself reaching for them more now that the weather is dipping below 0 degrees, the thicker sock keeps my toes a little toastier in the chillier temps.

The NEW 2.0 Compression!

Blister-free, correctly aligned toes with no bunion pain makes me a happy runner girl! I’ve also been given the chance to have a sneak peek at Injinji’s new 2.0 line which will be hitting REI shelves mid January 2013!  You guys, these are some great socks. I’ve had the opportunity to try out the Compression Ex-Celerator 2.0’s, which are amazing and give my calves a nice tight hug, as well as the 2.0 versions of the lightweight and midweight running socks.  Seriously, go get yourself some in the new year, or if you don’t want to wait until the new year, go snag yourself some of this years socks here!
Okay my rad runner boys and girls here are the contest details:

SHOW ME YOUR TOES!  You have until midnight Wednesday November 21st to submit a picture to me of your toes! You can take a picture of you in your WORST running socks, your SILLIEST socks, your LUCKY running socks or no socks at all, dare to bare those hard-working runner’s feet!

You can submit your photos to me in 4 ways: post a photo to Instagram use the hashtag #MLLcontest and tag me @kimberleydt, or post a photo to my facebook page, tweet me a photo @milelong_legs or the old-fashioned way, send me an email

There will be 3 prizes:

  • 1st prize will win 5 pairs of Injinji socks & some GU goodies
  • 2nd prize will win 3 pairs of Injinji socks & some GU goodies
  • 3rd prize will win 2 pairs of Injinji socks & some GU goodies

Now get going, snap some pics of your socks and send ’em in to win some awesome prizes!!! I can’t wait to see all of your socks and toes! 🙂

xoxo, MLL

11 thoughts on “REVIEW: Injinji Performance Toesocks & GIVEAWAY!!!

  1. No shows would be my top pick too! Although those long ones look pretty fantastic on your legs! 😉
    Do you use body glide on your piggies before putting them on? I always lube mine no matter what socks I wear because I hate blisters!


      1. Went to the injinji booth at the Expo today! Showed him my photo of my new injinji’s!! He told me I needed to pull them down around my toes more. haha! Then I bought a pair of pink no show injinji’s!


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