Injinji Giveaway Recap and Winners!

Something that started off as simple as a photo submission contest really blossomed into something truly amazing!  Along with all of your awesome and creative photos I received some pretty moving stories.

One woman talk about how difficult it was for her to send me photos of her feet because they were her least favorite body part, she, like many of us runners, had lost a couple of toenails numerous times to the point where her little toenail no longer grows back, she also had bunion surgery on both feet, which only made them worse.  I had a handful of people talking about their injuries, struggles and medical issues, ranging from sprains, strains, fractures and heart attacks. You guys have all worked through some very tough stuff! Way to go badasses! 🙂

Each and every one of you motivate and inspire me, I’m so grateful to be plugged into such an amazing athletic community. Thank you all for your contributions to my contest.  Now, let’s get down to what everyone has been waiting for…THE WINNERS!!!

1st prize: Gina C. from WA

2nd prize: Chris F. from IL

3rd prize: Karly S. from WA

Another HUGE thank you to everyone who participated, re-posted and RT’d my blog.  And a BIG thank you to Injinji for providing these awesome socks! Happy running!

xoxo, MLL

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