REVIEW: Oiselle Hi Line Bra the #StraightScoop

Hello, Hi Line!
                              “Hello, Hi Line!”

The rad birds over at Oiselle HQ asked me to review a few pieces of their new 2016 line up, first up is the Hi Line Bra.

Here’s a quick run down of the product specs: made of Nyelle Compression fabric, 88% nylon, 12% spandex, beautiful racerback style with adjustable straps, removable cups, compression level 2.

When I received the Hi Line Bra, I wore it for the first few days as a casual bra, wearing it with various tops, tee’s, etc… I straight up said to my husband, “this is the most comfortable bra that I’ve ever owned”.  The Hi Line is so beautiful, and creates such a gorgeous silhouette that I also felt like I was wearing a real every day bra, and not just exhibiting my ever-so-often lazy runner gal behaviour and reaching for whatever pull over sports bra I thought I could get away with while attempting to pass it off as a regular bra.

"Back view. Pro tip: if you get hot while on your run, you can thread your tank through the loop on the back of the bra"
“Back view. Pro tip: if you get hot while on your run, you can thread your tank through the loop on the back of the bra”

The Hi Line made me feel beautiful, strong, and feminine fierce, and quickly proved to be my new ultimate tee-shirt bra.  Bye bye uncomfortable underwire contraption formerly known as my go-to bra, hello Hi Line!

Now hold up, I didn’t let the Hi Line bra get away THAT easy by just testing it out on a casual basis, I put it through the ringer, holy moly did I ever, I ran multiple long runs in it, hill sprints, trails, intervals, and I even raced my 50k trail race (!!!) this past weekend wearing it!  To be completely honest, I had my reservations about this bra at first glance, I wondered if it would be supportive enough, if the straps would chafe, and if the points of adjustment would aggravate me while running with a hydration pack on.  Guess what ladies, every concern I had was proven wrong and I find myself reaching for this bra more so than any of my other bras. 

"Functional, beautiful, strong"
       “This bra is functional, beautiful, strong”

I had enough support, with no bounce, giggle or wiggle, *please note, that it’s a bit of a stretch to say that I’m a B cup, but more accurately, a small B on my fullest of days*, no chafing from the straps or chest band, and no irritation from the adjustment points, even after 7 hours of trail running during my 50k!

Why I love this bra:


-feminine fierce style

-full range of motion

-support (keep in mind that I’m a small 34 B, and I don’t know how supportive this will be for you gifted ladies)


-versatility, great as your ultimate tee-shirt bra, and great for pounding the pavement or getting dirty on the trails, yes, even 50k of trails.

-no chafing

-comfort, comfort, COMFORT

Things that need work:

And this is being SUPER nit picky because I really can’t stress how much I love this bra, but after washing the bra the straps tend to get a little curled around the circular attachment points on the racerback, just be sure you take the time to make sure they’re laying flat, flush against your skin before heading out for an adventure or there could be potential to chafe.

"my oiselfie"
                            “my oiselfie :P”

And there you have it, my straight scoop on the Hi Line Bra, thanks to the birds at Oiselle HQ for providing me with some gear to review.  Up next will be the Embossed Mac Rogas.

*Gear provided by Oiselle, all thoughts, views, opinions are my own.

Product Details and My Stats:

Oiselle Hi Line Bra

Cost: $54, in my opinion a good investment piece

Color: Podium Blue/Charcoal

Size: 2 (tts)

And for sizing reference, I’m 5’9”, small 34B, usual Oiselle bra size/top size 2/xs

If you have any questions about the Hi Line bra, please leave them in the comments section below!

xoxo, MLL

7 thoughts on “REVIEW: Oiselle Hi Line Bra the #StraightScoop

  1. Thank you for sharing this, Kimberley! I love the new Gifted Verrazano and Gifted Verra bras (I’m a die hard Verrazano fan) and I’ve wondered about this one. I, too, am a small 34B (cup-wise, at least), so this one sounds great. I LOVE the detailing on the back; excited to try this one out!

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  2. Great review! The Verrazano/Strappy has been my go-to, but I’d really like to try this bra! For reference, what size are you in the Verrazano? Is the Hi Line more or less compressive? I’m sort of on the 6/8 line for Verrazano (the old sizing M was perfect!) so I’m not sure if I should go up or down.

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    1. Hey Erin, as mentioned in the review I’m a 2/xs in all Oiselle tops/bras, so I went with a 2 for the Hi Line and it was perfect! As for the Verrazano comparison, I actually only have the Bra-Zen, Runway and Lesko bra’s, so I can’t personally compare it to the Verrazano, but on the website the Verrazano is listed as a “compression level 2”, which is what the Hi Line is as well. I’ve also heard, but haven’t had a chance to try myself yet, that the Hi Low bra, which is equally as pretty, is slightly more compressive than the Hi Line. I hope this helps!


  3. Someone who’s roughly my size! (5’8″, 34A ish, maybe a bit less, but with big rib cage) Due to an upper GI problem, I’ve been wearing only seamless compression running bras for years as the bottom band doesn’t feel too tight on ribs/diaphragm. (ever worn that type?) Always interested in potential items. Also, I don’t have a day bra really (bought some from T9 but the chest band is so tight I can’t stand them and wind up taking it off) Wonder if this would work for that though I usually go beige so it won’t show under any color.


    1. Hey there! I don’t think I’ve tried any seamless compression bras yet! I will say that if you’re worried about this being tight around the chest band, it’s not! In my opinion this is the most comfortable bra I own, I have plenty from Lululemon, Victoria’s Secret, Zensah, and multiple from Oiselle as well. I barely notice I have it on, which is always a good thing when it comes to comfort! 🙂 As of right now, it looks like the Hi Line is only available in bolder colors, blue, burgen and black, but maybe in the future they’ll come out with some lighter colors. Good luck!


  4. Wow! What a coincidence I was just looking on their website at the sports bras. I’m 8 months postpartum, no longer breastfeeding. But after only a couple months of breastfeeding you get to know your breasts on a whole different level. Now that I am back at it running, the sports bras I have are just not good enough. Thanks for the review.


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