8 Mile: Hot For Running

After much over-indulgence (wine, dancing, beer, wine, wine, wine) and little sleep this weekend the sound of my alarm going off early this morning to signify that it was time to wake up to go for my 8 mile run was less than welcome to say the least. *queue grumbling and moaning*

Since my surgery, I’ve been on a pretty ambitious training schedule, running smaller runs Tuesday through Saturday with my long run taking place every Sunday. Today, sleep or no sleep, was no exception. After a bit of a late start I picked up my sis-in-law and headed to Stanley Park to get our run on. The weather today was cloudy, chilly, windy and grey in typical Northwest fashion, and to be honest with you these are my ideal running conditions, minus the wind.

Stanley Park

We toyed with the idea of running the prospect point mammoth of a hill, which is part of the half marathon that I’ll be running in a few weeks, but chose the seawall instead, perhaps next week I’ll have a hot, hilly date with Prospect Point. As we started around the park it was immediately clear that the park was a lot less busy than it was the previous weekend when The Ginger and I went for our run, I’ve yet to figure out why this is, but I’ll take it. Fewer tourists = a happy Mile Long Legs! However; if you’re ever in Vancouver, I do urge you to lace up your running shoes and hit the seawall, I promise that you’ll leave happy, the views and the crisp air are hard to top!

Today’s 8 mile run left me happy, really, REALLY happy! For the first time since the dreaded Malibu half in November I got to my happy place during my run and it felt great. I wasn’t particularly fast and the run wasn’t particularly eventful, but it was by far one of my favorite runs to date. I felt my runner mojo come back to me today and that got me all hot and excited for running all over again!

Dear Running:

It’s officially back on. I’m smitten as a kitten.

xoxo, MLL

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