Lusting After: Newton Running Distance U Trainer


Item: Newton Running Distance U Light Weight Universal Trainer

Size: 9

Color: pink

What makes it lust worthy?  Since putting on my first pair of Newtons (Gravitas) about 5 months ago it really was love at first sight and feel.  Slipping my feet into my Gravitas made me feel like Cinderella, the shoe fit perfectly…and then I rode off in a pumpkin! Okay, I’m kidding about the pumpkin part, but not about the perfect fit.  What I like about the Distance Trainer: At 7.2 oz it’s super light weight, an astounding 1.2 oz lighter than the already feathery-light Gravitas that I’m running in now.  The girlie girl in me LOVES the bright pink color, who can say no to brightly colored running shoes?  I love the innovative action/reaction technology that the geniuses at Newton Running have developed. Also the wide toe box is perfect for me and my mile-wide feet and it even accommodates my gnarly bunion without causing any pain or discomfort.  And for BIG bonus points, I love how environmentally aware and friendly the company is, I’m hopeful that other companies will soon follow suit.


Odds of me getting this item: Signing up for multiple races a year is not easy on the bank account, and these are not cheap shoes. I’m really hoping to get these bad boys rocking on my feet in the next few months, even sooner if Santa decides to come down my chimney early! Please Santa, PLEASE! I bake delicious cookies!

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