My Mascara RUNS!

Pre-race quirks, rituals and superstitions; we ALL have them, some of them strange and silly, but all of them crucial to our success.

a must have!

I’ve mentioned before in prior posts that one of my pre-race must-haves is to apply water-proof mascara.  Now I know what you’re thinking…typical girlie girl, totally unnecessary, big waste of time!  Well, let me justify.

One of the big things for me as a runner is having confidence. Confidence in my ability, confidence in my legs, confidence in myself.  My months of hard work and training confirm my confidence in my ability. My hydrating, stretching and conditioning confirm my confidence in my legs.  Feeling good about myself, feeling happy and comfortable confirm my confidence in myself.

Okay, this is a little over the top 🙂

Some people may scoff at the idea of putting makeup on prior to a run, but honestly my advice is to do what ever it is you need to do to feel like you are 110% on top of your game on race day.  If that means wearing a certain item or a specific color, or maybe putting on hot pink lip gloss and your lucky running hat, by all means, DO IT!  It’s all about being confident and comfortable with your self.  For me, it’s my Carmex SPF 15 cherry lip balm and my water-proof mascara and then I’m good to go!  The funniest part of it all: I ALWAYS wear sunglasses, no one ever sees my eyes when I run, but I’d know if I didn’t have my mascara on…and THAT’s what matters! 🙂

What are your quirks? Share below in the comments or tweet me @milelong_legs

xoxo, MLL

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