It’s Just Like Riding A Bike…

The GOODS! Wilier Triestina & Cannondale

Cycling is something that I’ve been really wanting to get into over the past few years, I don’t know if it’s the investment of a bike that’s been holding me back or just simply the free time to get out and do it.  Either way, I finally got my little booty on a speedy Cannondale and hit the road this past weekend!

Now, before any of you use your “jump to conclusions” mat, no, I did not go and drop a couple G’s on a bike (not yet anyways), I’m lucky enough to have some cyclists in my family. My brother, who is one of the biggest bike nerds I know, owns a couple sweet bikes and his wife who also cycles, and who conveniently is also about my size, was kind enough to lend me her Cannondale for the day.

My brother and I loaded up the bikes and headed out to Iona Beach, which is a good flat spot to go to learn how to use a bike, not to mention you get some pretty rad views of the ocean.  Me, not really knowing how this was going to go, thought this was an ideal location, not too much traffic, very cyclist-friendly, and not too many people to embarrass myself in front of as I wobbled and steadied myself on the two miniscule looking tires.

A little skeptical that I can balance on this thing!

As soon as I hopped on the bike, I immediately got a HUGE dose of inspiration.  BOOM! Right there, smack in the middle of the crossbar of the frame there was a registration sticker “Coeur d’Alene 2004 Ironman”. Yes, my sister-in-law is an Ironman-finishing machine! To be honest with you, she has always been my inspiration when it comes to running, and to be riding on the bike that she rode in the Ironman was a really cool thing for me.

So on with the riding…  My brother, being extremely patient and protective of me, made sure I had the appropriate gear and made sure I didn’t get run over by any cars.  He gave me the rundown on the gears, brakes and parts of the bike.  Our original plan was to go for a short, little test ride, but that little ride extended into a gorgeous 14 mile ride that I enjoyed the shit out of!  I know 14 miles isn’t a lot…but for my first ride in years, it was perfect! I can already tell that I’m falling head over heels for cycling! I love the feel of the bike and I LOVE the speed! Sorry mom, I know that you’re going to cringe when you read that, but it’s true, I just love going fast! 🙂

Happy Camper!

All in all the day was a big success, I got a little mileage under my wheels, I felt the need for speed and I came out of it relatively unscathed…well, except for my slightly sore bum and girl bits 😛  I guess that’s just something you adapt to, right? …right?  If any of you have tips on cycling, advice on cool gear to get etc… please leave it in the comments or hit me up on facebook or twitter.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to ice my privates…in private. 😉

xoxo, MLL

3 thoughts on “It’s Just Like Riding A Bike…

  1. Another great article Kim!! I use to have a lot of problems riding for long periods because of the problems you mentioned above lol, but my sister sent me a bike seat cover that fits over the original seat and its really really soft and makes riding a lot more pleasurable 😉


    1. Thanks Tia! Yeah, apparently the seat on this bike is more “cushioned” than others… :S haha, We’ll see how it goes, I’m sure it’ll get better with time. Thanks again for checking out my blog! xoxo


  2. Hey Kim! I just found this article…while googling myself. What a nice thing to say 🙂 It is funny how life progresses because now you are my inspiration for getting the ol’runners on and getting my butt out the door.


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