LUSTING AFTER: A Runner’s Christmas Wish List

This won’t be my my typical Lusting After post, instead, it’s a list of a few of my favorite things for all of you last-minute shoppers that have a runner on your gift-giving list, assuming they are on the Nice List 😉


Gift Idea: Garmin 610 Special Edition

What makes it lust worthy? This watch is not only functionally awesome, it’s super sexy too with it’s bold white, blue and green color scheme.  It tracks your distance, pace, GPS position, calories, etc… and on top of that, it’s a touch screen.  Since I have an irrational fear of getting lost, one of the bonus features that I love is that it has the ability to guide you back to the start of your run. Any runner would be stoked to see this under the tree this Christmas. RAD!



It all adds up!
It all adds up!

Gift Idea:  Race Registration

What makes it lust worthy? As all of you runners know, signing up for multiple races per year really adds up! Races are not cheap, so the gift of a race is HUGE.  Pick a local race so your runner doesn’t have to make travel arrangements and pick the appropriate distance, don’t register your rookie runner up for a 100 mile ultra, unless they are badass like that!  An even better option is to sign up WITH them, that way the 2 of you are in it together, and we all know what that means…post-race buddy beers!

Picture 23Gift Idea: Lululemon Run: Toasty Tech Tights

What makes it lust worthy?  It’s no secret, I love everything and anything Lululemon and these tights are no exception.  Dragging yourself out of your warm, and cozy bed cocoon to go out in the cold for a dark, early morning run is made a little bit easier with these tights that are made out of Tech Fleece fabric that is brushed on the inside to give your legs a little warm snuggle while you run.  These tights have the usual stash pockets for all of your goodies and gels and they also have reflective detailing so you can be spotted by Santa’s sleigh on your evening run. 🙂

Stocking Stuffers

photo (63)Stuff their stockings with…STOCKINGS!  My favorite, go-to socks for running are the Injinji Performance Series No-Show Lightweight socks, they are functionally awesome and come in a lot of fun, vibrant colors.  For recovery, how about a pair of CEP compression socks. And for the trail runner in your life, an awesome pair of Compressport Pro Racing trail socks.



Give the gift of nutrition and hydration.  My first tip is to do a little digging around to see what brands your runner uses, and stick with that.  I know most runners are like me, VERY picky, when it comes to what we put in our bodies.  Not all brands can be treated equally and what works for one person, may wreak gastro-havoc on another.  My personal favorites are Honey Stinger Organic Energy gels, Gu Brew Electrolyte tabs and Nuun electrolyte hydration tablets.

Happy holidays to all of you, you are all amazing and I can’t wait to see what Santa leaves under your tree or in your stocking! Make sure you post on my facebook page, send me a tweet, tag me on Instagram or leave me a comment below, I want to see all the goods you guys are giving and receiving!  I’m hoping I don’t see too many pictures of coal 😉

xoxo, MLL

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