MLL’s 2012 Recap

Since I knocked out a lot of “firsts” in 2012 I thought I’d do a quick recap of all the fun, exciting, sweaty, sometimes painful and tear-filled places it took me.

That's ME!
That’s ME!

February 2012: My first running-related adventure of the year wasn’t a race or a marathon, it was something total different, something I’ll never forget.  In December 2011 I was lucky enough to be chosen by Newton Running to be featured in their 2012 marketing campaign.  I even had the opportunity to sit down for lunch with Newton Running co-founder Danny and his wife Jennifer.  Mind BLOWN!  As you know, I’m a huge fan of the company and their innovative shoes, so this really was a dream come true.  In February of 2012 Newton started rolling out their ads online, at marathon expos, in print as well as in Fitness Magazine and The Running Times.  Talk about a surreal, yet great way to start off 2012, I’ll forever be grateful for this experience! 🙂

In pain, but still loving it! :)
In pain, but still loving it! 🙂

April 2012: My FIRST full marathon!!! The Big Sur Marathon.  This was a big one for me, despite 2 injuries and a gnarly car accident just 2 months before race day, I finished the Big Sur Marathon. This race was definitely a monumental day for me, I went to some very dark places a number of times, having not being able to train much and having to have my knee cap taped in place, this was a sufferfest of all sorts and one for the books.  I can’t wait to run this race again, talk about a beautiful place to be miserable. 😉

June 2012: My twitter account @milelong_legs was featured on Lululemon’s Blog: 13.1 Runners Who Tweet for 13.1 Miles.  Such a fun surprise and a huge honor to be listed with all of the incredible people!

Ready to get my spinner bling!
Ready to get my spinner bling!

July 2012:  The San Francisco 2nd Half Marathon.  San Francisco is by far one of my very favorite cities, I do whatever possible to spend as much time there as I can.  Last year I ran the 1st Half Marathon (you can read about that here) and immediately knew that I’d be returning this year to claim my super blingy “Half It All” special medal for completing both half marathons in consecutive years.  The race was beautiful, running through Golden Gate park and through the various neighborhoods and finishing down by the waterfront.  Completing the San Francisco Full marathon is now on my list of races to do, perhaps this year so I can join The 52 Club!

So. Much. Fun.
So. Much. Fun.

August 2012: Color Me Rad 5k.  This is another first for me, my very first 5k race!  As you can see, I tend to do things in a very non-conventional way, I suppose that’s why it’s fitting that I ran half marathons and a full marathon before doing a 5k.  This race was extra special for me because I managed to convinced my non-runner best friend to sign up with me, this being her VERY first race of any kind.  To read about all the messy, colorful, giggle-fest of a run check out my recap here.





October 2012: The Portland Marathon.  My 2nd full marathon, which I like to call the “lesson learner”.  I started off the race feeling pretty good, my splits were a little slower than I was shooting for, but I felt really good.  Fast forward to pukey miles 17-26, yes, 9 miles of illness. *blech*  I’m not sure what happened, but in a blink of an eye I went from feeling fantastic, to complete garbage, I was bombarded by dizziness, nausea, and headache.  I started to panic a little and likely overcompensated with too much hydration and forcing nutrition on myself.  It took a ridiculous amount of strength not to walk off the course, but I was determined to finish, even if it meant dragging myself over the finish line.  It was the LONGEST 9 miles of my life, but the most rewarding and tear-filled finish I’ve ever had.

October 2012: The Sneaker Report featured me as one of The Ten Sexiest Fitness Bloggers.  This definitely came as a surprise to me, but it’s a huge honor to be featured amongst such strong, driven, fit females.  Go get ’em ladies! 🙂


November 2012: Last but not least, my very first 10k, which was also my very first trail race!  The Xterra Topanga Canyon 10k Trail Race.  I went into this race not really knowing what to expect.  It had been years since I had last hiked the area and I was going into this blind as far as the feel of a trail race vs. a road race.  I loved the scenic route through the mountains of Topanga canyon, it was a beautiful, hot day and I was feeling great!  I thoroughly enjoyed this race and the post-race beer!  This definitely will not be my last trail race!

So there you have it, the quick and dirty run down of what my 2012 looked like.  Thank you all for checking out my blog, twitter, facebook and Instagram pages.  You guys are a constant source of inspiration for me and I hope to inspire you all in return.  Here’s to a healthy, happy 2013 filled with PR’s, awesome medals and goal achievements!

xoxo, MLL

6 thoughts on “MLL’s 2012 Recap

  1. Hi Kim, I am considering on doing San Francisco Marathon 1st half. Just to be clear on logistics, where did you stay before the race? appreciate any recommendations. How far in advance did you book the hotel?


    1. Hi Chaminda, thanks for checking out my blog. The last year we stayed at a hotel in Union Square, walked a bit, then ended up hopping in a taxi to get closer to the start line. This year we ended up scoring an awesome condo on AirBnB around the Haight/Ashbury district, for me this is the way to go as hotel prices in SF can be VERY pricey! My bf was also doing the race, so we ended up driving from our condo to a parking lot close(ish) to the start line. Either way, book early as hotels/accommodations will fill up very fast in SF, the closer to the date you wait, the more likely you’ll end up spending $300/night for a hotel, the prices creep up and the hotels in the Fisherman’s Warf area (I personally don’t like staying in this area) and the Union Square area (which I love) will book up quickly. I enjoyed the 1st half more than the 2nd half, it’s an amazing course and it’s incredible to run across the Golden Gate bridge. Enjoy and good luck! I’m looking forward to hearing all about it!


  2. What a great recap of 2012! I love how you had your first 5k and 10k experiences after your 1/2 and fulls!! That’s like me not doing an OLY TRI until this last summer after having done ironman the year before!! Love it!! I look forward to following your adventures in 2013!! XO


    1. Thanks Gina! It sounds like we’re kind of the same 🙂 Good luck to you with all of your adventures in 2013, I’m also looking forward to following all of your successes this year! Cheers! xoxo


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