REVIEW: Sun Bum PRO Line Premium Sunscreen

photo (94)Product: Sun Bum PRO SPF 30 Face Stick, PRO SPF 30 Premium Endurance Sunscreen, PRO SPF 50 Premium Endurance Sunscreen

Cost: $14.99-$17.99

Thanks to the rad people over at Sun Bum I had the opportunity to test out their entire Premium Endurance PRO line, which included a face stick, and both of their sunscreen lotions, the 30 SPF and the 50 SPF.

To start off I’ll highlight some of the key features that are common factors of all three products. The PRO line was designed for people just like me, I like to go outside, play hard, sweat harder and not have to worry about if my skin is being protected.  I don’t know if it’s the vanity in me, or what it is, but I’ve ALWAYS been on top of protecting my skin from sun damage, therefore, I’m always on the hunt for the very best in sun protection.

Sweaty mess, sunscreen still going strong!
Sweaty mess, sunscreen still going strong!

The PRO line is Sun Bums premium mineral-based sunscreen, offering the best of the best in broad spectrum coverage, which means you’re protected equally against UVB and UVA rays, YAY!  These three products are designed so they don’t bleed into your eyes, make your hands slippery or come off during physical activity, including a vigorous geocaching session in the desert.  Another thing that I really like about Sun Bum products is that they are paraben free!  RAD! Why is this important to me? There have been links between parabens (which are preservatives used in cosmetics and beauty products) and breast cancer.  While they haven’t been ruled as unsafe to use by the FDA, I still try and go paraben-free when I can.  A few other highlights of the PRO line are: all products are oil-free, water-resistant (re-application recommended after 80 mins of swimming), fragrance free, non-greasy, hypoallergenic, and vitamin E enriched.  So now let’s break it down into the 2 product categories.

Sun Bum PRO Face Stick SPF 30 ($14.99/0.45 oz stick)  This little roll-up stick packs a punch, it’s a solid roll up sunscreen, imagine a large lip balm or deodorant.  I love this type of packaging for a facial sunscreen because you could be out playing hard with the dirtiest hands and there’s no need to touch the product or your face directly with your hands, this equals no searching for hand sanitizer prior to application.  For this photo (93)feature alone, it scores big points from this germaphobe! The stick itself has a very smooth application to my face and neck and once applied stays put.  The stick goes on with a very slight white film that can be easily blended into your skin, it doesn’t feel heavy, sticky or greasy and even on my longest, hottest, sweatiest runs, it stayed put!  I have very sensitive skin and I tend to react to a lot of products, and had no troubles at all with this face stick.  I also really liked the transportability of the face stick, it’s super compact and you don’t have to worry about it leaking, so it’s very convenient to pack around with you, slip it into your hydration vest, fanny pack or Michael Kors bag worry free!  Initially I thought the pricing of this product was a little steep, but based on how little of the product I’ve actually gone through in the many, many times I’ve used the stick, I feel like the price tag is justified.   Would I recommend this to a fellow runner, cyclist or water baby?  Absolutely!

Sun Bum PRO SPF 30 and SPF 50 Premium Endurance Sunscreen ($17.99/3.0 oz bottle)  I had the chance to try both the SPF 30 and the SPF 50, I’ll roll both products into the same review since they are the exact same product, with different SPF protection.  These lotions are packaged in cute, easy to tote around, fairly small bottles,

3.0 FL OZ bottle
3.0 FL OZ bottle

which have a pull up nozzle for dispensing the product.  The lotions were easy to apply, go on smoothly and were non-greasy, much like the face stick, they do give you an ever-so-slight white film, which again, can be easily blended into your skin.  I tested both SPF’s out on hot, long runs and had amazing protection with both, so really it’s your personal preference, the area you live in and how sensitive to the sun you are will be factors when choosing which SPF is ideal for you.  Me, being the anal-retentive person that I am, prefer the SPF 50.  Like the face stick, I had no issues sweating the product off while getting super sweaty, even though I was literally dripping in sweat, the sunscreen stayed stuck to me like glue!  The price tag on these little guys may be a little shocking to some, $17.99 feels like a lot to pay for such a tiny bottle (3 oz).  And unlike the face stick, I seemed to burn through this product fast, I went through almost an entire bottle in a couple of weeks (about 10 days of running/cycling), so cost-wise, this may not be the best option for you if you’re on a budget.  However; if you can afford it, I absolutely recommend this product to you based on its superior sun protection.

So there you have it my sun-loving running bunnies!  There’s no doubt about it, Sun Bum knows how to make amazing products aimed towards endurance athletes.  If you have a chance grab a bottle or a stick and try it out, see how it measures up to your existing brand!  You can snag your own Sun Bum sunscreen and swag over at  What’s your go-to sunscreen for running/cycling/swimming?  Leave me a comment below, on facebook or tweet at me on twitter!

xoxo, MLL

Effectiveness: 5/5
Packaging: 4/5
Cost: 3.5/5

TOTAL: 12.5/15

9 thoughts on “REVIEW: Sun Bum PRO Line Premium Sunscreen

    1. I just checked the drug facts sheet/ingredients list and there is no aluminum listed. I’ve also contacted the company to double check. I’ll let you know when I hear!


      1. Is there anyway you can provide me the drug fact sheet/ingredients list? I am wanting to open my own spa and would love to check out that information! Any feedback would be great!


  1. I started using Sun bum last summer when I found it for sale at the resort we were staying at in las Vegas. I love it! I like using high spf too. I always look for sunscreens that won’t stain our clothes too. A lot of them leave an orange tinge on our clothing which is a bummer. Awesome review 🙂


  2. Not a bad brand, but in terms of their lip balm, they have a bunch of chemicals that I don’t like in it. You might notice from their website that the active ingredients are all chemicals and they don’t even list the rest of the ingredients. I really don’t like when companies fail to list ingredients. You know they are trying to hide something. A lot of fancy branding here covering up an average product in my opinion.


    1. Hi Sara, I appreciate your input! All of the products I received from Sun Bum came with a FULL list of ingredients. While I understand where you’re coming from, I do appreciate the positives of their products.


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