REVIEW: Lululemon Paceline Cycling Jersey

My superhero pose!
My superhero pose!

Product: Lululemon Paceline Cycling Jersey (size 4, pinkelicious also available in white/dune and black)

Cost: $128.00 CAD

Lululemon has been doing cycling gear for a couple of years now and I’ve never really been excited about it.  This year I had a unique experience of being able to get a sneak peek of the gear before it went public when I had the amazing opportunity to model for Lululemon in their 2013 Cycling campaign and got to try out the entire line, the Paceline Jersey, Paceline Jacket and Paceline Short, in a real cycling situations.  Without going into the other two products very much I will say that I loved them all, but for now, I’m just going to talk specifically about the jersey.  As soon as the jersey was released on their website I jumped at the chance to order it because I had loved it so much during the shoot.

Me in the White/Dune jersey. photo courtesy Lululelmon
Rocking the White/Dune jersey. photo courtesy Lululelmon

Let’s get started with a few things that I really like about the Paceline jersey.  The jersey has plenty of strategically placed mesh to help you keep your cool while you’re pedalling like mad.  There’s large mesh panels along both sides that interconnect on the back and continue up towards the nape, four words: built in air conditioning! The fabric itself is moisture-wicking to help keep you dry on those extra sweaty rides and the jersey is stitched together using chafe-resistant seams, let’s face it, nobody like to chafe, NOBODY!  Like most other cycling jerseys, this one has 3 stash pockets in the back, providing plenty of storage for your goodies, tools and treasures.

Pockets, ventilation, reflective strips, oh my!
Pockets, ventilation, reflective strips, oh my!

For the times you’reout cruising the road in low-light conditions  there’s reflective detailing on the back of the jersey as well as along the zipper on the front.  One of my favorite things about this jersey is the length!  As a taller girl (5’9″) it’s often an issue when it comes to tops in general for them to be long enough to actually cover my torso and prevent me from flashing my belly button when I shouldn’t be.  This jersey is the perfect length and to make sure it stays put, Lululemon has designed it with an elastic and silicone hem at the hip, which glues it in to place, eliminating the need to tug down on it to ensure your booty cleavage isn’t showing. 😉


Me in the black Paceline jersey, it made me feel super badass!
Me in the black Paceline jersey, it made me feel super badass! Photo courtesy Lululemon

Now down to what I don’t like about it. Honestly I have little to criticize about this jersey, Lululemon has really stepped up their cycling game and produced some amazing gear this season.  My one teeny, tiny gripe would be that there isn’t a pocket with a zipper on it.  I like to carry my ID, a bit of cash and my credit card when I hop on my bike, and as much as I know they wouldn’t fall out of the ample pockets in the jersey, my uptight, overly cautious alter-ego would really like to be able to securely zip that stuff away! My only other precaution, not a dislike, is to those who are thinking about purchasing this jersey, it does run a little small.  I usually wear a size 2 in Lululemon gear and the size 4 jersey gives me a very nice fitted look and feel, which is exactly how I like it.  So if you’re wanting to buy it, I encourage you to get into a Lulu store that is carrying them and try it on first.

Photographed here in a size 6 jersey.
Photographed here in a size 6 jersey. Photo courtesy Lululemon

So there you have it, the Lululemon Paceline Jersey, it’s definitely a must have for me!  I applaud Lululemon for coming out with some very nice cycling gear this year and I hope to see them continue to put out stylish, functional, sexy, strong endurance sports gear. Have you guys tried out any Lululemon cycling swag?  If not, what brand of cycling gear are you guys currently rocking?


  • breathability/fabric
  • cute color options
  • great fit for long-torso babes
  • functional and comfortable


  • no zipper pocket!
  • slightly off sizing

COMFORT: 4.5/5
PRICE: 4/5
LOOKS: 4.5/5

TOTAL: 17/20

xoxo, MLL

12 thoughts on “REVIEW: Lululemon Paceline Cycling Jersey

  1. I wish that LULU started to make a triathlon tops. no sleeves. Just racerback with some super handy back pockets.


  2. So glad you reviewed their cycling gear! I love the Lululemon Specialized Team cycling kits and am dying to try their stuff on. Glad to know they run a tad small. 🙂


    1. The Specialized kits are rad! As I mentioned in my blog I did have a chance to try on the shorts too, and they are amazing, I like them better than the current brand of cycling shorts I’m riding in. Get to a store and try on the new gear, I’m willing to bet that you’ll love it! 🙂


      1. The leg grippers are awesome, and absolutely NO sausage legs! They have a thick band at the opening of the legs which is awesome. Flattering and the chamois is great!


      2. Not sure of paceline items. but I found that the lululemon-specialized kit fit me TTS. Could even size down in them, except for shorts, shorts are true TTS for me.

        LLM, the pics are fantastic. You in white/dune jersey is my favorite. 🙂


      3. Thanks! I love the white/dune too! As for the sizing, I’ve heard from many that the jerseys do fit slightly snug. I don’t mind the snug fit, however, I know some do. I have yet to try the Specialized kit.


    1. I think only certain stores are carrying the cycling gear, although all stores that I’ve been to have had it so far. The jersey’s are great, and super flattering for females. I think they look bad ass and cute at the same time. 🙂


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