Friday Favorites

It’s Friday again and you know what that means, time for a few of my favorite things!

Favorite Healthy Add-On: Chia Seeds (I add these to everything!)

Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at 9.37.16 AM

Favorite Sports Bra: Lululemon Flow Y Bra IV

photo 1

Favorite Gel: GU Roctane Island Nectars, I just heard Strawberry Kiwi is out! 🙂

photo 2

Are you guys into Chia seeds?

5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

      1. haha, I knew what you meant 🙂 You may not be a fan of the Kombucha with chia if you don’t like that jelly texture. But it’s really yummy (if you like kombucha) and great for you too!


  1. I’ve never tried chia seeds – maybe I should! My favorite long-run nutrition is Clif ShotBloks in Strawberry with caffeine or Black Cherry.


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