Ankle Update!

First off, a big ol’ apology for being so out of the loop lately.  My ankle injury has really taken it’s toll on me and honestly it’s made staying motivated a real challenge. But enough of the boo-hooing, let’s get down to business!

So, a very loooong 14 weeks ago I made one silly little misstep *doh* while trail running that has now resulted in me being out of the game nearly 3 months! *ugh* During the time that I’ve been injured it’s definitely been an uphill battle, I’ve been in constant pain, my ankle puffs up like a blowfish from time to time, and some days it’s a struggle just to drive my car because of the intense pain I’m feeling while moving my foot from the gas to break pedal.  To date I’ve seen my regular physician numerous times, a secondary physician, a physiotherapist twice weekly, two different pedorthists that specialize in biomechanics, a sports medicine doctor and a gynecologist. HA! I’m kidding about the last one, I just wanted to see if you all were paying attention! 🙂  I’ve had 2 different types of X-Rays, a CT scan and a bone scan. I’ve been treated with 2 different ankle braces, home exercises, orthotics, taping, both oral and topical anti-inflammatories, plenty of good old R.I.C.E. and perhaps even a bottle of wine or two…but who’s counting.

So where does that leave me?  I’m still experiencing ankle pain on a daily basis, but since my doctor has put me on a strict no-run/minimal walking order approximately 5 weeks ago I have definitely noticed a big decrease in pain.  As of this coming Wednesday I have been given the green light to “test my ankle”. By test, I mean, go on a very slow, very easy, VERY short run.  Never in my life have I been more excited to go out in the rainy October weather and run 2km!  If after a few baby-sized trial runs I still have pain, my doctor is going to go ahead and get an ultrasound of my tendons and I’ll be benched again.  So, if you can all collectively put on our positive thinking pants and send me positive vibes and good running mojo that would be awesome, because dammit I miss running!!!

xoxo, MLL

2 thoughts on “Ankle Update!

  1. Holy macaroni’s I’m gonna cross every single body part I can in hopes of getting the good run mojo coming back your way. I totally know what you’re talking about with getting excited about 2K and I’m rootin for you all the way!!


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